Virus Removal

A virus can do dangerous things to laptop and desktop computer. Viruses can slow down a device, crash or may corrupt operating system files. Many spams, malwares or viruses do exploit security bugs in system or application software to spread. Viruses or malwares can be extremely harmful for your laptop as it may expose your personal information to cyber criminals, encrypt files for ransom or corrupt your images, microsoft word, excel etc important files.

Been scammed?

You’ve just been scammed by someone claiming that they are from Microsoft, Telstra or Optus and you’ve given them access to your machine. Most likely they’ve installed programs to access your machine at a later date or to Spy on your computer and what you do. 
You are probably really angry and upset with yourself right now however, these people are trained professional scammers and have got their method down pat. We have helped doctors, solicitors other professionals who are extremely smart in their industries who have been fooled by these people. They scare you and put fake programs on their so that you think your machine is infected and show you how bad it is. 
Usually this is just a fake program that will give these results to anyone however the damage has usually now been done with them having access to your computer and installing spyware and malware on your machine. We can always help to take control back of your machine and eliminate any nasties that they have installed on your machine.

We provide Industry leading Virus removal and Cleanup Services to Home Users and Small Businesses all around Dallas area.

Signs your computer may be infected with a virus or malware:
  • Computer is running slower than usual
  • Constant pop-up windows
  • Your computer keeps crashing
  • New browser homepage, toolbars or websites opening randomly
  • Excessive CPU or memory utilization
  • Unexpected toolbars in your browser
  • New icons appear on desktop and in other folders as well
  • Your security software throws up warnings
  • You may get software on your PC you don’t remember installing
  • Real but fake software may ask you to pay for certain reasons
  •  Internet click or browsing will take you to the wrong or dodge websites


We’re asked this all the time. Hundreds of viruses are being released every day and usually the virus scanner companies can’t keep up! Let’s say a Virus is discovered today, it takes the Virus scanner companies weeks, sometimes months before they know about the virus then more importantly work out how to fix it and then run quality assurance testing before they release the fix to the public. Within this time, You can’t afford to be without a computer. When you use our service, in addition to scanners that we run, we manually run and check every program that loads to make sure that we are able to remove viruses / spyware that haven’t even been picked up retail virus scanners yet!

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Our PC Repair Service

  • PC Viruses /Malware/Spyware removal
  • Computer and Laptop hardware replace and upgrade
  • Outlook Email setup, configure and repair
  • Software and Antivirus installation
  • Online remote PC repair
  • Laptop screen replacement
  • Data recovery and windows installation
  • Mac and iMac software and hardware repair
  • Gaming PC and custom build PC setup
  • Internet, Wifi , Scanner and Printer Setup
  • Windows Repair, Windows Restore or Cleanup and etc

We remove all the bad stuff, not just some of it!

Our service removes all types of malware, viruses and trojans from your machine that a lot of your popular virus scanners can not. We can either offer this service at your house or do it remotely via Teamviewer. When we do it remotely, we can usually cap the job saving you money. We remove all of the following software on your machine.

Crypto-wares: If you find the data or the stored information has been encrypted and asking for ransom (money, bitcoin or PayPal) to restore, release or recover your laptop or computer – never pay for it. If you even pay for this, you will rarely be able to have your files back. The PC would definitely need windows 10 re-installation, or the data may or may not be recoverable.

Ransomware: One of the most common viruses – it will freeze a webpage, windows application and files to make you responsible for it like (National Police, FBI Interpol or Gendarmerie and etc). This virus can be removed safely without losing the stored information. Again, Windows 10 re-installation is highly recommended.

Trojans: You may see a software telling you “there has been thousands of viruses” because it will look like “real fake software” which infect your computer and try to steal the stored information.

Key loggers: This allow scammers to spy on your keystrokes (which keys are being used while using certain application of web site: for example, entering bank details or passwords) and other various system activities.

Adwords: If you no longer want to have various advertising banners or offers, this adwords virus has to be removed immediately.

Worms: This virus does travel through internet router or through office network when more computers, laptop or macbook are connected to each other. It actually infiltrates and destroy your stored data, files and information.

Spyware: Difficult to identify as this virus spy on your system’s regular activates and transmit data (sends stored information across to hackers)

What a Virus can do, How we can Help You!


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Benefits of opting for MacroGeeks

MacroGeeks has been providing Apple iMac MacBook Repair Services for Dallas area’s customers for over 10 years. Macro Geeks has certified and experienced technicians who are known to provide best customer service and outstanding repair services. we can assure that we have recovered almost all. From the iMac that has software /hardware issues, HP Laptop that has been crashed, or the Apple MacBook Pro that has shattered screen or needs any kind of upgrades or any laptops or computers that were totally formatted. If you have lost or deleted volume data, you should take our data recovery services that will help to recover your lost datas.Our Data Recovery Services Provides Options for all Hard drive Brands like: Western Digital®, Seagate®, Toshiba®, Hitachi®, San-disk®, Sony®, Kingston®, Transcend®, Samsung®, Mushkin®, Apple®, Hp®, ADATA®, Buffalo Technology®, Quantum Corporation®, Maxtor®, LaCie® and many more.

Our focus is on presenting you with a delightful experience so that you can trust us completely. Customers get loyal to those service provider who offers quality with affordable price. We promise to deliver budget-friendly solutions with efficiency. The following are the perks which who will get if we become your choice for virus removal:

  • Trustable and reliable
  • Online Chat, Call and Email help
  • Instant response
  • Complete professionals support
  • Cost-effective services
  • Onsite remote support
  • Guaranteed resolutions
  • Usage of latest antivirus tools

To know what is bothering your device, call our expert today as help is just a call away.


Q: How much does Apple charge to change iMac’s screen ?
A:  An average screen replacement cost in Apple store depends after you pay a service fee for diagnostics. If your initial warranty has expired and you do not have Applecare, it could be a little expensive.

Q: My Mac’s startup desk is nearly full, can you fix this?

A: Yes. We can clean up your hard drive and free up some space depending on your situation. As the prices of SSD drives drop, a better solution is to migrate all your data and applications to a bigger, faster and more reliable SSD drive. You have options to choose the SSD drive capacity suitable for your needs and budget.

Q: How long will the repair take?

A: We offer two levels of service, emergency 24hr or 2-3 working day repair. If you opt for the emergency service and it is delayed past 24hrs, then your service will be downgraded to the standard service cost.

Q: What laptops do you repair?

A: Our team of experienced engineers can repair all makes and models of laptops providing a quick and economic service for your laptop computing needs.
Our approved network of suppliers ensures all parts are widely available and costs are kept to a minimum. At every stage of your laptop repair, we will inform you of the current progress and whether or not any additional parts or costs will be required.

Q: How do i Fix the blue screen on my iMac?

A : Whenever you see a blue screen on your iMac, start by disconnecting the power cable and any accessories that are connected to it. Now restart your device in a safe mode. The blue screen of death on your monitor could be because of hardware issues such as any hardware that is running beyond its limit, if the device is overheated, bad RAM or the main cause is Power supply issues.

Q: I see pixels popping and green dots on my iMac. What is it and is it fixable?

A: The pixels popping, green dots, lines on screen are the signs of bad graphics cards. Yes, it is fixable. The graphics card sometimes wears off eventually and stops working, so it needs to be replaced.

Q: How to remove firmware password on my iMac?

A: Turn off your device then turn it on. Hold command+R keys until you see utilities screen. click utilities, select Firmware password utility, Turn on Firmware password, set up a new password then restart.

Q: I have spilled water on my MacBook and now it won’t start, can you fix?

A: ßYes. The electronic components such as resistors and capacitors on the Mac logic board will be corroded after in touch with liquid. We will replace the faulty chips with new ones. This is called component-level repair, the highest level of Mac repair. The repair can be done in 2 days. This is the most economical way to get your Mac back to work again.

Q: How do i Fix this spinning ball and slow computer?

A:  when the cursor turns to the spinning ball, while using any program, force quit that program pressing command+option+Esc. sometimes if that does not work,Restart your iMac. if still it gives you error message, hold power button and force shutdown.

Q: Does Mac have built in antivirus or do we need to install any antivirus?
A:  Your iMac has a built-in Antivirus. but sometimes Macs are not immune to some malwares so to secure your device even further, Antivirus can be installed.

Q: My iMac is running too slow, can it be upgraded?

A:  Yes, iMacs can be upgraded in terms of software and Hardware. The software upgrade always helps the datas to be safe as well as Hard drive upgrades helps for the same as well as it improves device’s performance.

Q: Can I upgrade my MacBook SSD drive?

A: You can upgrade the SSD drive if your MacBook has a removable drive. These models include MacBook Pro A1708, A1398, A1502, A1425 and MacBook Air A1466, A1465, A1370, A1369. All MacBook with SSD chips soldered on the logic board cannot be upgraded. These models include MacBook Pro A2289, A2251, A2159, A2141,A1990, A1989, A1707, A1706, MacBook Air A2179, A1932 and 12″ MacBook A1534. You can find the model number on the back case.

What Customers Say About Us:

Mary Kneese ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Visited this store for the first time and turned out to be a great. The store itself will please you like you are in apple apple. I had a cracked screen phone and they fixed it within 30 min at very reasonable cost.
Friendly and knowledgeable staff made me feel secure that I was at right place. Definitely recommend everyone.


Samantha Blaire ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Excellent service, friendly and professional. I needed my Mac battery replaced early Sunday evening and they were able to help me the same day. Quicker and cheaper than dealing with the Apple Store!



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