Okay so which phone are we looking at to get the battery replaced?

***Do you have the model number for me? If not can you look at the back of your phone and at the bottom there should be couple of lines in very small letters and there should be a model number as well starting with A_ _ _ _

Okay, so how can you say it is the battery? Did you do any diagnostics before or someone told you the battery needs to be replaced?

So does your phone’s battery does not last long and goes out fast?

Does your phone overheats? If it does overheat, it could be something more than just a battery. Cause I can just go and change the battery for now just like you ask me to but what if something else was the issue which was causing it to overwork your phone and hence drain the battery / was overheating.

***How long have you been using the device since you first bought it?

***Do you use it for personal or business use?

***Have you ever fixed the phone before?

If yes, where did you fix it? Was it any kind of certified Apple repair shop?

***Does your device charges or does not even charge at all?

***How are things going otherwise?

***How much were you willing to pay for the service? Or How much were you thinking the repair was? Let me know if I could help you out.


So you are saying you need to replace the screen. 

Does your screen have cracks on the screen and you can use it all good or it has some dead parts on it as well, meaning some parts on the screen do not function?

Does your screen also has any colorful lines or white lines or like black spots around the screen?

So you’re saying the screen is jumpy meaning it types random things or opens another app while using another one?

When it touches random things, does it happen while doing a specific task on your phone like when you’re on a call or while using a certain app?

If it is only while calling, it could be something else rather than the screen.

When you say there is a tint on the screen, does it happen during night time or all the time?