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Problems with your MacBook Pros ?


MacBook Pro Screen /LCD Repair Dallas

MacBook Pro Features the latest quad-core Intel Processor for upto 90 percent fastest performance.MacBook Pros have dynamic, context- sensitive touch bar and latest Apple designed Keyboard. It features Brilliant Retina Display with true tone Technology. it has extended  battery life span upto 10 hours. it comes with the ultrafast SSD which can be upgraded as well. It has a fast Boot up because of built in Quad-core intel core i5 Processor. It runs the second latest operating system Mojave, designed by Prosthat comes with the dark mode. You can upgrade it to catalina (the latest one). Almost all the parts in MacBook pro are upgradeable or replaceable. They are not built-in. Some models of the MacBook Pros Have Built-in Memory (RAM) that cannot be upgraded. Except these MacBook Pros are very durable and easy in terms of Repairs.


MacBook Pro repair dallas macrogeeks


The MacBook Pros are Powered by a eighth-Ninth generation with the processor that bursts speed upto 7.8 GHz with different specs and sizes of RAM that helps to ensure smooth performance and also allows your device to quickly access files and datas that are frequently used.

MacBook Pros Common Problems and Repairs:

  • MacBook Pros Broken Screen/Bleeding LCD replacement

  • MacBook Pro battery replacement

  • MacBook Pro Charge port Replacement
  • MacBook Pro Fans Replacement
  • MacBook Pro Hard Drive Replacement
  • MacBook Pro Logic Board Replacement
  • MacBook Pro Wifi/Bluetooth Replacement
  • MacBook Pro Trackpad Replacement
  • MacBook Pro OS X Installation and Configuration

  • MacBook Pro keyboard Replacement

  • MacBook Pro RAM upgrades
  • MacBook Pro Trackpad Replacement
  • MacBook Pro cameras Replacement
  • MacBook Pro Speakers Replacement
  • MacBook Pro stuck on Apple logo repair

  • MacBook Pro question mark /folder repair

  • MacBook Pro Water Damage Diagnostics and Repair
  • MacBook Pro password removal/ Firmware Lock

  • MacBook Pro Beeping Sound Repair
  • MacBook Pro Too Slow/ Virus  Removal
  • MacBook Pro Not turning on/ Dead Repair
  • MacBook Pro Data Recovery Dallas

We Repair All Models: A1989, A1990, A1707, A1706, A1708, A1502, A1398, A1425, A1278, A1286, A1297, A1260, A1261, A1229, A1226, A1211, A1212, A1150, A1151,A1534, A1342, A1181, A1278, A1989, A1990, A1707, A1706, A1708, A1502, A1398, A1425, A1278, A1286, A1297, A1260, A1261,  A1229, A1226, A1211, A1212, A1150, A1151, A1932, A1466, A1465, A1369, A1370, A1304, A1237.

If you are facing any problems with MacBook Pro including broken screen or back or any hardware or software issues, our professional team is here to work with you with your MacBook Pro repairs that you need in Dallas. Served Cities: Dallas, Addison, Farmers Branch, Frisco, Plano, Allen, Richardson, Coppell, Carrollton, Highland park, Uptown Dallas, Downtown Dallas, Gallaria, Preston Oaks, Lower Greenville, White Rock Lake, South Lake, Las Colinas

MacBook Pros Broken Screen/Bleeding LCD replacement:

If your MacBook Pro’s screen is shattered because of being dropped or due to any unknown reason and the LCD looks like it is bleeding or the external closure or the screen is broken, no longer do you have to wait for days and weeks and be without your device while it undergoes repairs. Also no need to worry if your device is out of warranty. Our Technicians don’t really care what the situation is , We just provide you the efficient service on your computer’s screen and LCD replacement in Dallas for the best deal.

macbook pro broken screen lcd fix dallas macrogeeks

MacroGeeks has been providing Screen Replacement Services for Dallas area’s customers for over 10 years. Macro Geeks has certified and experienced technicians who are known to provide best customer service and outstanding repair services. we can assure that we have repaired almost all. From the iphone that has dived in a pool, or the iphone that has been run over by a car or any laptops or computers that were totally formatted. if you have shattered your device and are worrying if you could even bring it back to work ever again/ Don’t worry we got you!

The professionals in MacroGeeks are considered to be reliable and experienced MacBook Pro service providers  in Dallas. We have experienced Technicians, customer service Representatives who are solely devoted to provide best services in Repairing the device with recovering Datas safely, efficiently and affordably .We employ most advanced the latest data recovery tools to date.





Q: How much does Apple charge to change MacBook Pro’s screen ?
A:  An average screen replacement cost in Apple store depends after you pay a service fee for diagnostics. If your initial warranty has expired and you do not have Applecare, it could be a little expensive.

Q: How do i know if my MacBook Pro’s battery has gone bad?

A : To check the life of the battery on your MacBook Pro, click on the battery icon on top menu bar to get a drop down menu. If your battery is functioning normally, it will say : Normal. If it’s a time of replacement, it will say: “Replace now” or “Service battery” or “Replace soon”

Q: What happens if my MacBook Pro’s battery is totally dead?

A: If the MacBook Pro’s battery is gone bad, the computer will reduce its speed. If the battery has no more life, it’s just like running a computer without battery. computer will shut down if if it needs more power than the A/C adapter can provide.

Q: My Trackpad seems so Erratic. how do i fix it?

A: Make sure there is no dirt in the trackpad surface. Next wipe it clean if there is any layer of liquid. Now go to settings and try to adjust the sensitivity of the trackpad by adjusting Pointer options Tab.

Q: How do i remove these vertical lines across across the screen on my MacBook Pro?

A:  First thing we need to know is to rule out the problem. whenever there is bleeding LCD or vertical lines in screen , is generally associated with hardware problems. Now, we need to diagnose if it is the external cause due to breakage or any internal cause.

Q: Is there anyway to speed up my old MacBook Pro?
A:  Your MacBook Pro needs some upgrades if it is old. Upgrades on any MacBook Pro depends on their models. We need to clear the Mac if it has viruses, caches and junk files and folders. Then we can upgrade HDD, the latest operating System and the RAM in the MacBook pro to upgrade it, which makes it faster as well.

Q: How do i delete all the caches from my MacBook Pro?
A:  To delete all the junk files and caches in your MacBook Pro, First try to backup all the datas if you have anything important, incase if something goes wrong. Go to finder, click folder, Type in ~/Library/caches and hit Enter. Select each folder and delete files inside it.



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