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Problems with your MacBook Air ?


MacBook Air Repairs Dallas

MacBook Air is the 13.3 inch super- lightweight machine that was first introduced back in 2008 as the world’s thinnest laptop opening up a category for Apple’s first ultrabook. MacBook Air have dynamic, context- sensitive touch bar and latest Apple designed Keyboard. The new model of MacBook Air that adds a high-resolution Retina display, USB-C, thunderbolt and Touch ID. It features Brilliant Retina Display with true tone Technology. It has extended  battery life span upto 10 hours. It comes with the ultrafast SSD which can be upgraded as well. It has a fast Boot up because of built in Quad-core intel core i5 Processor and they recently introduced Apple’s own silicon based M1 chip which is supposed to be the fastest ever. The recent models starting from 2020 will have M1 chip on all their models. Almost all the parts of almost all the models in MacBook Air are upgradeable or replaceable as they are not built-in. Some models of the MacBook Air Have Built-in Memory (RAM) that cannot be upgraded. Except these MacBook Air are super-compact, very durable and easy in terms of Repairs.

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The older MacBook Air before 2020 are Powered by a eighth-Ninth generation with the processor that bursts speed upto 7.8 GHz with different specs and sizes of RAM that helps to ensure smooth performance and also allows your device to quickly access files and datas that are frequently used.

MacBook Air’s Common Problems and Repairs:

  • MacBook Air Broken Screen/Bleeding LCD replacement and Repair Dallas
  • MacBook Air battery replacement and Repair Dallas
  • MacBook Air Charge port Replacement and Repair Dallas
  • MacBook Air Fans Replacement and Repair Dallas and Repair Dallas
  • MacBook Air Hard Drive Replacement and Repair Dallas
  • MacBook Air Logic Board Replacement and Repair Dallas
  • MacBook Air Wifi/Bluetooth Replacement and Repair Dallas
  • MacBook Air Trackpad Replacementand Repair Dallas
  • MacBook Air OS X Installation and Configuration Dallas
  • MacBook Air keyboard Replacement and Repair Dallas
  • MacBook Air RAM upgrades Dallas
  • MacBook Air cameras Replacement and Repair Dallas
  • MacBook Air Speakers Replacement and Repair Dallas
  • MacBook Air stuck on Apple logo repair Dallas
  • MacBook Air question mark /folder repair Dallas
  • MacBook Air Water Damage Diagnostics and Repair Dallas
  • MacBook Air password removal/ Firmware Lock Repair Dallas
  • MacBook Air Beeping Sound Repair Dallas
  • MacBook Air Too Slow/ Virus  Removal Dallas
  • MacBook Air Not turning on/ Dead Repair Dallas
  • MacBook Air Data Recovery Dallas

MacBook® Air A1932 2018 Retina 13″, MacBook Air® A1466 2017 13″, MacBook Air® A1466 E2015 13″, MacBook Air® A1465 E2015 11″, MacBook Air® A1466 E2014 13″, MacBook Air® A1465 E2014 11″, MacBook Air® A1466 E2013 13″, MacBook Air® A1465 M2013 11″, MacBook Air® A1466 M2012 13″, MacBook Air® A1465 M2012 11″, MacBook Air® A1369 M2011 13″, MacBook Air® A1370 M2011 11″, MacBook Air® A1369 L2010 13″, MacBook Air® A1370 L2010 11″, MacBook Air® A1304 M2009, MacBook Air® A1304 L2008, MacBook Air® A1237 2007

If you are facing any problems with MacBook Air including broken screen or back or any hardware or software issues, our professional team is here to work with you with your MacBook Air repairs that you need in Dallas. Served Cities: Dallas, Addison, Farmers Branch, Frisco, Plano, Allen, Richardson, Coppell, Carrollton, Highland park, Uptown Dallas, Downtown Dallas, Gallaria, Preston Oaks, Lower Greenville, White Rock Lake, South Lake, Las Colinas

MacBook Air Broken Screen/Bleeding LCD replacement:

If your MacBook Air’s screen is shattered because of being dropped or due to any unknown reason and the LCD looks like it is bleeding or the external closure or the screen is broken, no longer do you have to wait for days and weeks and be without your device while it undergoes repairs. Also no need to worry if your device is out of warranty. Our Technicians don’t really care what the situation is , We just provide you the efficient service on your computer’s screen and LCD replacement in Dallas for the best deal.

At MacroGeeks, our technicians can fully facilitate a Mac screen replacement. We can even deliver this service while you wait!! Once our specialist Mac engineers with years of experience have ascertained the problem, we will be happy to repair your Mac while you wait. Allowing you to go about your day with the minimum down time on your Mac. Enjoy the peace of mind, knowing that your Mac is in good hands!!


Horizontal line or vertical lines running along screens after impact damage or half of screen comes blank with no colours can be signs of damaged on LED electronic panel which requires screen assembly replacement .

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Dead pixels intermittent back-light , damaged frame , liquid signs , or broken glass all can be fixed and replaced.
Call us on 469-654-3357 for no obligation quote .

No matter what is the nature of the damage, just bring it to us! The screen damage can be due to-

  • Dropping of the MacBook Air
  • Rolling on top of it by mistake
  • Spill damage

MacBook Air Battery Replacement :

If the MagSafe charger LED indicator doesn’t turn on, check the charge port. If your device turns on, check battery cycle if it needs to be replaced. MacBook Air model’s batteries are designed in a way they can be easily switched to a new one if the battery cycle is going high or the battery seems to be expanding. The MacBook Air’s battery is supposed to remit up to 1000 full cycles. If your device seems to be extending those numbers or if it says replace now, it’s time to replace the battery.
Don’t worry if your MacBook Air is out of warranty. Our certified technicians really don’t care what the situation is , We just want to provide you with efficient and best service in your MacBook Air’s battery repair in Dallas plus, for the best deal.

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 There are several issues that you can have solved with Apple MacBook Air battery replacement like:

  • The faster drainage of battery.
  • Slower charging of Apple MacBook Air battery.
  • The MacBook Air is powered off at low battery percentage.
  • The battery does not last for long.

MacBook Air Charge port Replacement:

If your laptop not taken any charge from the magsafe? Then you might need a new charger which we sell at our store or need new DC jack replacement.

MacBook Air won’t charge? Before getting any further frustrated , try some of these potential fixes. Figure out if Display is the main issue. If not, check these: startup chime, HDD/fan spinning, press caps lock in the keyboard, if the light coming from sleep LED. If those are all okay, rule out power issues. Check the charge port, its connector if something is affecting the connector. If nothing seems to be working, you might need to take further action. However our certified technicians at MacroGeeks are here to help you out in any way possible. 

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Common Reasons That Generate MacBook Pro Not Charging Issue

Our technicians have the expertise in managing clients based globally and are well versed in solving any MacBook Pro problems. Here are the primary reasons that can lead to charging issues on MacBook Pro.

  • Overheating: Your MacBook Pro can prevent the battery from charging due to overheating. When the thermal sensors inside the MacBook Pro recognize a drastic rise in temperature, it can shut down the way to the battery for protection of your MacBook Pro.
  • Fault in the SMC: The SMC is responsible for several operations within MacBook Pro. A fault in the SMC can shut down the charging process as well.
  • Damaged port: You need to check for any discolorations, dents or burn inside the port. If any of these signs are visible, it could mean that your port is damaged.
  • Damaged MagSafe power cable: The MagSafe power cable may be damaged which is leading to charging issues in MacBook.

Thus, you can avail our MacBook pro charging port repair service to troubleshoot all the problem with ease. You can completely trust our highly qualified and reliable engineers, for a quick and empowering experience.

MacBook Air Fan Replacement

Having issues with your MacBook Air fan? Is your MacBook Air overheating because your fan stopped working? The cooling fan is a crucial element in removing the heat produced from your MacBook Air. It is responsible for extracting the hot air that the processor and other components produce while you are using your MacBook Air. Our repair service for laptop fans is reasonably priced and fast.

Usually, air is expelled from heat sources in modern MacBook Air models using a ‘heat pipe’ system, which delivers the exhaust to the fan to be blown out through the cooling vents. A damaged or defective fan is a critical problem because everything in your laptop is packed together so tightly. An expensive laptop can become junk in just a few hours if your cooling system goes off. To stop that happening, our fan repair services are here.

Give us a call if your MacBook Air often overheats, or the fan makes irregular noises or screeching sounds. We’ll get the rest done.

Our MacBook Air fans replacement service is assured, like all of our other services. On any new parts that we install on your MacBook Air has a manufacturers warranty depending on parts and service provided.

MacBook Air Hard Drive Replacement:

The  storage mass/ SSDs are made up of interconnected Flash memory chips that transports the the commands that you want your device to do, to the flash memory chip on superfast interconnect that streams datas in few microseconds which allows all the applications to load up and start up operating system.If the SSD is ageing or if it is not functioning properly, these are the warning signs it might show: Frequent crashes /Freezes while booting up, Question mark / folder sign, Slowing computer, Disappearing files and folders, blue screen and many more.

macbook air harddrive replacement dallas macrogeeks

Hard drive failure symptoms in your MacBook Air could include a flashing question mark appears when you start your MacBook Air, MacBook Air freezes randomly, spinning beach ball of death appears frequently during your work, hard disk clicking noise and slow access (MacBook Air running very slow). MacroGeeks offers SSD (Solid State Drive) and platter based hard drive upgrades at the most competitive rates. SSD drives have few advantages over platter based drives such as they can write and read data at high speeds ensuring faster performance, quick boot time and application starts, in an SSD there are no moving parts and additionally they use very less power; making them a perfect choice for your MacBook Air.

With efficient MacBook Air hard drive upgrade solutions, we will help you to quickly replace your defective hard drive or you can simply upgrade to a larger hard drive. Common Mac failures where a hard drive upgrade is required include clicking hard drive, hard drive is not functioning properly, flashing folder with question mark, slow access or slow performance and other component level hard drive failures. We offer hard drives with different capacities including 80GB 7200 RPM SATA, 160GB 5400 RPM SATA, 250GB 5400 RPM SATA, 320GB 7200 RPM SATA, 500GB 5400 RPM SATA, 750GB 7200 RPM SATA, 500GB 7200 RPM SATA, 1TB 5400 RPM, 120GB Solid State Drive, 750GB Hybrid SSD/HD, 480GB Solid State Drive and 240GB Solid State Drive. All hard drive and SSD upgrade services we offer comes with a standard warranty.

Our certified technicians are also willing to help you out and turn around your MacBook Pro the same day if you need any HDD replacement or an upgrade to a faster SSD in your MacBook Air.

MacBook Air Logic Board Replacement:

Replacing the main logic board/motherboard is an excellent option and an easy repair, also a far better option when you don’t want to spend triple the price in buying the new product. Sometime swapping some defective parts on the logic board would make the device work back again. But it needs microsoldering which would cost almost the same as replacing a new one. If the damage seems to be a manufacturer’s defect, take an advantage on Apple warranty, but if the device is damaged resulting from overheating or lack of airflow, short circuit, and so on, the board needs a replacement. Do not worry if your MacBook Air is out of warranty. Our certified technicians really don’t care what the situation is. They just want to provide you with efficient and best service in your MacBook repair in Dallas also keeping in mind; the best deal.

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MacBook Air Trackpad Replacement:

If your MacBook Air’s cursor randomly disappears or the trackpad sometimes seems to to totally unresponsive, or sometimes the cursor just keeps on jumping all over the screen and randomly opens any programs, check if you have any external mouse connected to your device. To check, Go to System preferences, Accessibility and then click mouse and trackpad if you see “ignore built in trackpad” checked, then uncheck it. But if everything looks pretty normal in system preferences, it should be the hardware problem. One more thing you can try is use an external mouse to see if that helps.

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MacBook Air cameras Replacement:

MacBook Air is designed in such a sleek and tapered chassis, everything in that device looks so much compact . That makes quite a few parts impossible to be repaired or replaced. MacBook Air being the Apple designed Super-compact laptop, if the front camera goes bad, or if it its screen is shattered, or by any means it has gone bad and needs a replacement, the whole panel /assembly needs to be replaced.

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MacBook Air Speakers Replacement:

If your device is not shattered and is not defective but the speakers does not seem to work, check on sound and go to input and increase the input volume. Your MacBook Air has built in Speaker , that’s why you will not be able to use all these like FaceTime, no sound in songs or cannot play youtube videos. Sometimes, software crashes can be a cause of the problem on MacBook Air that leads to no sound. Make sure you’ve checked the settings of the volume slider. If the volume slider is set low, move the slider and make sure to is working good. If you still don’t hear any sound, it might be a hardware problem and need a Hardware repair.

macbook air speaker replacement dallas macrogeeks

MacBook Air stuck on Apple logo repair:

Apple MacBooks have great performance, they have the best security options in terms of datas , applications and also has very convenient ways of restoring datas. Meanwhile it also has potential to crash frequently in lot of circumstances. In lot of cases, these minor crashes can be fixed without getting a professional help. By just restarting the device. If it is stuck in Boot loop, it automatically denotes that it is a hardware issue. It could be software crash as well in some of the cases. But If you doubt on your HDD, back it up first then only attempt any further repair on your HDD. If it happened because of software crash, a new software has to be upgraded. Make sure your datas are all backed up in your icloud because in this process, you could potentially lose all your datas.

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MacBook Air Data Recovery Dallas:

When you lose access to your important files, and somehow your MacBook Air has crashed, don’t panic. It’s important to trust the best professionals to get them back. Our experienced and professional data recovery service will provide you with the best chance of recovery. No Matter what your device has gone through, either it might be a decade old HDD and you want to retrieve datas from there, or any kind of issue you’re having and you are not able to backup the important datas from your device, we are here to help. Our data recovery Techs have decades of experience in retrieving datas from your personal or business servers, iMacs, MacBooks or any kind of device you have.

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MacBook Air Not turning on/ Dead Repair:

MacBook Air won’t charge? Before getting any further frustrated , try some of these potential fixes. Figure out if Display is the main issue. If not, check these: startup chime, HDD/fan spinning, press caps lock in the keyboard, light coming from sleep LED. If those are all okay, rule out power issues. Check the charge port, its connector if something is affecting the connector. If nothing seems to be working, you might need to take further action. The power button on MacBook Air is connected to the Keyboard with sets of pins. Out of them, some of the pins are responsible to pass the signal from power button to logic board. Therefore this repair needs special attention to it. The reasons why power button goes bad is a liquid spill, damaged logic board or the keyboard’s connector.

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MacBook Air Water Damage Diagnostics and Repair:

Any damage to Apple Devices due to liquid spill is not covered by Apple. When your device gets in touch with water or any liquid, get it away from from the source. Dry it as much as you can. If you can remove the battery, that’s the best thing. You can then wipe it dry with a towel. Inspect your device underneath every parts. It can also be cleaned with alcohol after wiping off excess water from your device. But throughout this process or even after, do not try to turn the device on or try to plug in with the charger. If these steps looks complex, call us. We are here to check your device and do a full diagnostics and also provide ultrasonic treatment on your device and do a 13-point test at the end to check if everything is working as it should be.

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MacBook Air password removal/ Firmware Lock:

If you are locked out of your device, and you know you have important datas in there, anyone can freak out with each failed attempt to log in. Great thing is ,there’s a way when you can use recovery mode to reset your password without losing any of your datas. But if it is encrypted with the firmware lock, you would get a professional help before you lose any datas from your device. Call us for free consultation at 469-654-3357 to talk to our certified technicians.

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MacBook Air keyboard Replacement:

The Keys on MacBook Air are found to be very fragile that gets stuck and not even getting back to its place. The keys are found to be breaking a lot ,leaving the users to unable to type certain letters. Sometimes just because of small amount of dust or debris under them. The other reasons could be a liquid spill, damaged logic board or the keyboard’s bad connector. The main problem is the fact that it’s not possible to remove that single key and just clean the debris away, the whole keyboard needs to be replaced. Our certified technicians at MacroGeeks are ready to turn around your MacBook Air on the same day for a keyboard replacement unless it need some extra parts.


MacBook Air Too Slow/ Virus  Removal:

You might sometimes need to get an immune to malware on your Apple MacBook Air that is virus removal, for securing and protecting your Apple MacBook Air. Resetting a device to a factory reset can clear out the complex viruses , but it will also erase all the datas off of the HDD. In case if you want to keep all the datas intact and also remove the virus and keep it secured , get help from the Certified Technicians that we have here at MacroGeeks.

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MacBook Air question mark /folder repair:

If the SSD is ageing or if it is not functioning properly, these are the warning signs it might show: frequent crashes/freezes while booting up, question mark ‘?’ folder sign, slowing computer, disappearing files and folders, blue screen and many more. The  storage mass/ SSDs are made up of interconnected flash memory chips that transports the the commands that you want your device to do, to the flash memory chip on superfast interconnect that streams datas in few microseconds which allows all the applications to load up and start up operating System.

question mark fix dallas macrogeeks

MacBook Air OS X Installation and Configuration:

Your device needs an update in Operating System when you keep on getting those nagging popups to install updates. Lot of people say “ Yeah I have been seeing those popups for a while now and I have always been checking later” well, if you don’t update the Operating System, unfortunately they cannot keep your datas safe.

macbook air os upgrade dallas




Q: How much does Apple charge to change MacBook Air’s screen ?
A:  An average screen replacement cost in Apple store depends after you pay a service fee for diagnostics. If your initial warranty has expired and you do not have Applecare, it could be a little expensive.

Q: How do i know if my MacBook Air’s battery has gone bad?

A : To check the life of the battery on your MacBook Air, click on the battery icon on top menu bar to get a drop down menu. If your battery is functioning normally, it will say : Normal. If it’s a time of replacement, it will say: “Replace now” or “Service battery” or “Replace soon”

Q: What happens if my MacBook Air’s battery is totally dead?

A: If the MacBook Air’s battery is gone bad, the computer will reduce its speed. If the battery has no more life, it’s just like running a computer without battery. computer will shut down if if it needs more power than the A/C adapter can provide.

Q: My Trackpad seems so Erratic. how do i fix it?

A: Make sure there is no dirt in the trackpad surface. Next wipe it clean if there is any layer of liquid. Now go to settings and try to adjust the sensitivity of the trackpad by adjusting Pointer options Tab.

Q: How do i remove these vertical lines across across the screen on my MacBook Air?

A:  First thing we need to know is to rule out the problem. whenever there is bleeding LCD or vertical lines in screen , is generally associated with hardware problems. Now, we need to diagnose if it is the external cause due to breakage or any internal cause.

Q: Is there anyway to speed up my old MacBook Air?
A:  Your MacBook Air needs some upgrades if it is old. Upgrades on any MacBook Air depends on their models. We need to clear the Mac if it has viruses, caches and junk files and folders. Then we can upgrade HDD, the latest operating System and the RAM in the MacBook Air to upgrade it, which makes it faster as well.

Q: How do i delete all the caches from my MacBook Air?
A:  To delete all the junk files and caches in your MacBook Air, First try to backup all the datas if you have anything important, incase if something goes wrong. Go to finder, click folder, Type in ~/Library/caches and hit Enter. Select each folder and delete files inside it.

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