MACROGEEKS Dallas is an Independent service providing company. We are the team of experienced and certified technician working together to service all fields of IT in Dallas area. We are specialized in providing express services in most of the repair jobs. Some of the common services we provide everyday are virus removal, memory upgrade, operating system configuration, HDD/SSD upgrade, PC Tune-up, screen replacement, battery replacement, upgrade service and many more. Our team of experts diagnose your PC first to exactly find out the cause of issue, go through repair procedure to fix the issue in first place without wasting your time and money. We also provide warranty on replaced parts. We care about customers convenience, we provide home IT services to serve our customers at their convenience.

Certified tech mac repair

We provide repair service and support for Dell®, for Toshiba®, for HP®, for ASUS®, for Acer®, for Samsung®, for Gateway®, for Lenovo®, for IBM®, for MSI®, Gaming computers, for Alienware®, for Apple® and other many brands available in the market.

tablet repair Dallas | MacroGeek Dallas
Tablet repair Dallas | MacroGeek Dallas

MacroGeeks Laptop Repair Services

  • Unresponsive laptop repair Dallas.
  • Laptop virus removal Dallas.
  • Laptop Anti-virus installation Dallas.
  • Laptop Screen Replacement Dallas.
  • Not Charging Laptop Fix Dallas.
  • Laptop Operating System Installation Dallas.
  • Laptop LCD Replacement Dallas.
  • Laptop Graphics Issue Fix Dallas.
  • Slow laptop Repair Dallas.
  • Laptop RAM Upgrade Dallas.
  • Laptop broken hinge repair Dallas.
  • Laptop Data Recovery Dallas.
  • Laptop Display issue fix Dallas.
  • Laptop Display assembly repair Dallas.
  • Laptop tune-up service Dallas.
  • Laptop Battery Replacement Dallas.
  • Laptop Physical damage Repair Dallas.
  • Laptop Hard Drive upgrade Dallas & more.

Express Mac Repair Dallas

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Is your laptop very slow or affected by viruses? Did you know old HDD makes your laptop perform very slow ? Or you need RAM upgrade for better performance? We provide all of these services here. Just give us a call about your issue we will fix your issue the same day you will come. Our certified technicians help you go through our repair protocol designed to fix any issue at first place and keep your device in working condition all the time.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does formatting remove viruses?

A: Yes, you can remove viruses by formatting your laptop. But you must also know that formatting also remove all your files and applications from your hard drive. At the same time formatting does remove virus but does not protect your laptop from viruses. There is equal chance that it will be infected again.

Q: How much do you charge for diagnostics ? 

A: It depends on what device you have and what kind of issue you have with your device. Call us with serial number of your device and issue. We will help you.

Q: How much do i need pay to repair my broken screen ?

A: The price for replacing screen depends on what kind of laptop you have. Please give us call with more details, so that we can assist you better.

Q: How can I keep my laptop away from viruses?

A: Do not download softwares from third party websites, keep your system up-to-date, use an anti-virus, do not plug-in any infected storage medias.

Q: Does low RAM slows down laptop?

A: Yes, RAM is the main processing memory of laptop. It it has more program to handle and has low memory to do so. Your laptop might slow down.

Q: Do I need to re-install operating system after formatting ?

A: Yes, you need to re-install operating system if you have formatted the volume containing operating system.

Q: Does anti-virus remove virus ?

A: Yes, if your anti-virus is able to detect the virus, it slows different option to remove it. Anti-virus really helps your computer be free from computer viruses.

Q: Does replacing HDD makes laptop faster?

A: Yes, it does. Since HDD has wheel inside it, which gets bad after certain spins. So its always good to replace Hard drive if its old.

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