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Problems with your iMac ?


iMac Repair Dallas

iMac Features the top of the line latest quad-core Intel Processor resulting in fastest performance during every computing tasks. iMac has the latest Intel iris plus integrated graphics that has dynamic, 4096×2304 display that offers more image detail and can display billions of colors. It features Brilliant Retina Display with true tone Technology. The iMac comes with Apple’s Magic Keyboard and magic mouse 2. The iMac can handle general-purpose and heavy-duty tasks equally very well. It has a fast Boot up because of built in Quad-core intel core i5 Processor. It runs the latest operating system Catalina, some of the older models runs on the second latest Mojave , that is designed by Prosthat comes with the dark mode. Almost all the parts in iMacs are upgradeable or replaceable. They are not built-in. If you wish to upgrade RAM in your iMac, you’d have to reconfigure your iMac with the 8GB RAM that is the base of the system. iMacs are very durable and easy in terms of Repairs.

iMac Teardown


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The iMacs are Powered by a eighth-Ninth generation with the processor that bursts speed upto 7.8 GHz with different specs and sizes of RAM that helps to ensure smooth performance and also allows your device to quickly access files and datas that are frequently used.

iMacs Common Problems and Repairs:

  • iMacs Broken Screen/Bleeding LCD replacement Dallas

  • iMacs RAM upgrades Dallas

  • iMacs Fan and Heat sink Replacement Dallas
  • iMacs Graphics card Repair Dallas
  • iMacs Hard Drive Replacement Dallas
  • iMacs Logic Board Replacement Dallas
  • iMacs Wifi/Bluetooth Replacement Dallas
  • iMacs OS X Installation and Configuration Dallas

  • iMacs Password Removal Dallas
  • iMacs Power Supply Replacement Dallas
  • iMacs stuck on Apple logo repair Dallas

  • iMacs question mark /folder repair Dallas

  • iMacs password removal/ Firmware Lock Dallas
  • iMacs Beeping Sound Repair Dallas
  • iMacs Too Slow/ Virus  Removal Dallas
  • iMacs Not turning on/ Dead Repair Dallas
  • iMacs Data Recovery Dallas
  • iMacs camera Replacement Dallas
  • iMacs water damage repair Dallas
  • iMacs USB not working Repair Dallas

We work on iMacs of all models including iMac A1862, iMac A2115, iMac A1419, iMac A1312, iMac A1418, iMac A1311, iMac A1225, iMac A1200, iMac A1224, iMac A1207, iMac A1208, iMac A1174, iMac A1173, iMac A1076, iMac A1058.

If you are facing any problems with iMacs including broken screen or LCD or any hardware or software issues, our professional team is here to work with you with your iMacs repairs that you need in Dallas. Served Cities: Dallas, Addison, Farmers Branch, Frisco, Plano, Allen, Richardson, Coppell, Carrollton, Highland park, Uptown Dallas, Downtown Dallas, Gallaria, Preston Oaks, Lower Greenville, White Rock Lake, South Lake, Las Colinas

iMacs Broken Screen/Bleeding LCD replacement:

If your iMac’s screen is shattered because of being hit by something or due to any unknown reason and the LCD looks like it is bleeding or you are not able to log into your device because of vertical lines, no longer do you have to wait for days and weeks and be without your device while it undergoes repairs. Also no need to worry if your device is out of warranty. Our Technicians don’t really care what the situation is , We just provide you the efficient service on your computer’s screen and LCD replacement in Dallas for the best deal.

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iMac RAM Upgrades Dallas :

If you are experiencing sub-par performance or very slow computer while computing any task, you are getting the memory error notifications saying “low memory”, or “out of memory” or for instance files don’t open immediately when it is supposed to respond instantly when you click on any program you want to launch., instead, it is taking forever to open. sometimes you are not able to run multiple programs at the same time, because it keeps on showing the spinning ball, check your computer of its usage of its memory by going into Task manager. This will let you know the percentage of memory your computer has been using. If you feel like it is not enough for your device, it can be upgraded.

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iMacs Hard Drive Replacement:

When the iMac runs, it generates heat. This heat is expelled out by one or the other means ,however if the device if trapped with dirt inside,the sleek aluminium housing, heat gets trapped there which leads to Hard drive Failure. To avoid these situations, iMacs should be cleaned regularly. The  storage mass HDD that comes with the iMacs can be upgraded to SSDs. SSDs are made up of interconnected Flash memory chips that transports the the commands that you want your device to do, to the flash memory chip on superfast interconnect that streams datas in few microseconds which allows all the applications to load up and start up operating System. If the SSD is ageing or if it is not functioning properly, these are the warning signs it might show: Frequent crashes /Freezes while booting up, Question mark / folder sign, Slowing computer, Disappearing files and folders, blue screen and many more. If you see these signs, upgrade your HDD to SSD which is also a great opportunity to increase size of the HDD and have some more storage.


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iMac Logic Board Replacement:

Repairing the Logic board is an excellent option and an easy repair, also a far better option when you don’t want to spend triple the price in buying the new product. Sometime swapping some defective parts would make the device work back again. But if the device is damaged resulting from overheating or lack of airflow, thee board needs a replacement. If the damage seems to be a manufacture defect, take an advantage on Apple warranty. Don’t worry if your iMac is out of warranty. Our technicians really don’t care what the situation is , We just want to provide you with efficient and best service in your iMac’s repair in Dallas plus, for the best deal.

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iMac Fan and Heat sink Replacement:

The fans in your iMac runs all the time. The fan’s running shouldn’t be audible. typically if you can hear the fans running when they are running in full speed. The reason why the fan runs really fast is when the air vents are blocked. A heatsink is a metal device that is used in iMac for radiating the heat away from the device as it generates large amount of heat when it runs. It is connected to one or two fans that lies across it. Therefore if the heatsink’s chip wears off and the fans goes bad, it adds up to collecting large amount of heat in the device.


imac's fan replacement dallas macrogeeks


iMacs Graphics card Replacement:

A Graphics card in a device operates the system by displaying the datas of your computer to the monitor. The signs of a failing GPU is random rebooting of computer and may require a hard reset. you might also see a blue screen on the monitor. If you are seeing vertical lines or colourful lines on the screen, or sometimes you can even see a random green screen after watching a video, it could be an indication of the failing GPU. The poor performance of the device with the increased fan noise that indicates the ending lifespan of GPU.

GPU replacement imac dallas macrogeeks

iMac’s cameras Replacement:

iMacs are designed with a built in iSight cameras that can be used for audio calls using Facetime, making videos and clicking pictures. While trying to take pictures or using the facetime video call if the camera looks black, doesn’t seem like functioning properly, there are numerous reasons behind it. It could be mechanical and hardware problem or sometimes a software glitch can cause it to happen. If your device is not physically damaged but the skype does not work or the camera simply flips over showing a black screen when trying to use it, your device needs a camera replacement.

macrogeeks dallas imac camera replacement

iMac stuck on Apple logo repair:

Apple iMacs have great performance, they have the best security options in terms of datas , applications and also has very convenient ways of restoring datas. Meanwhile it also has potential to crash frequently in lot of circumstances. In lot of cases, these minor crashes can be fixed without getting a professional help. By just restarting the device. If it is stuck in Boot loop, it automatically denotes that it is a hardware issue. It could be software crash as well in some of the cases. But If you doubt on your HDD, back it up first then only attempt any further repair on your HDD. If it happened because of software crash, a new software has to be upgraded. Make sure your datas are all backed up in your icloud because in this process, you could potentially lose all your datas.

macrogeeks imac stuck apple logo dallas

iMac Data Recovery Dallas:

No Matter what your device has gone through, either it might be a decade old HDD and you want to retrieve datas from there, or any kind of issue you’re having and you are not able to backup the important datas from your device, we are here to help. Our data recovery Techs have decades of experience in retrieving datas from your personal or business servers, iMacs, laptops or any kind of device you have.

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iMac Not turning on/ Dead Repair:

Your iMac won’t Start up? Before getting any further frustrated , try some of these potential fixes. Figure out if Display is the main issue. If not, check these: startup chime, HDD/fan spinning, press caps lock in the keyboard. Make sure your display’s brightness is turned all the way up. If those are all okay, rule out power issues. , Make sure that the power cable is not damaged and securely plugged into your iMac and a working electrical outlet.


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iMac Water Damage Diagnostics and Repair:

Any damage to Apple Devices due to liquid spill is not covered by Apple. When your device gets in touch with water or any liquid, get it away from from the source. Dry it as much as you can.  You can then wipe it dry with a towel. Inspect your device underneath every parts. It can also be cleaned with alcohol after wiping off excess water from your device. try to wipe the keyboards and mouse as well. But throughout this process or even after, do not try to turn the device on or try to plug in with the Power cord. If these steps looks complex, call us. We are here to check your device and do a full diagnostics and also provide ultrasonic treatment on your device.

water damaged imac repair macrogeeks dallas

iMac password removal/ Firmware Lock:

If you are locked out of your device, and you know you have important datas in there, anyone can freak out with each failed attempt to log in. Great thing is ,there’s a way when you can use recovery mode to reset your password without losing any of your datas. But if it is encrypted with the firmware lock, you would get a professional help before you lose any datas from your device.

imac firmware unlock macrogeeks dallas

iMacs Power Supply Replacement :

When your iMac starts to unexpectedly power down, this is what happens when the power supply unit is no more delivering power to your computer. Pretty much like Hard drive fails, power supply tends to fail as well eventually. You might see your device turns on for couple of seconds and then turns off right back. While watching videos or while running any programs, it shuts off unexpectedly. It might as well show a blue screen of death. Sometimes Power supply failure produces strange noises from the back of the computer from the power supply where the cord attaches the device.


imac power supply replacement dallas macrogeeks

iMac Too Slow/ Virus  Removal:

You might sometimes need to get an immune to malware on your Apple devices that is virus removal, for securing and protecting your Apple devices. Resetting a device to a factory reset can clear out the complex viruses , but it will also erase all the datas off of the HDD. In case if you want to keep all the datas intact and also remove the virus and keep it secured , get help from the Techs.


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iMac question mark /folder repair:

If the SSD is ageing or if it is not functioning properly, these are the warning signs it might show: Frequent crashes /Freezes while booting up, Question mark / folder sign, Slowing iMacs, computer, Disappearing files and folders, blue screen and many more. The  storage mass/ SSDs are made up of interconnected Flash memory chips that transports the the commands that you want your device to do, to the flash memory chip on superfast interconnect that streams datas in few microseconds which allows all the applications to load up and start up operating System.

imac question mark folder dallas macrogeeks

iMac OS X Installation and Configuration:

Your device needs an update in Operating System when you keep on getting those nagging popups to install updates. Lot of people say “ Yeah I have been seeing those popups for a while now and I have always been checking later” well, if you don’t update the Operating System, unfortunately they cannot keep your datas safe.

imac software upgrade macrogeeks dallas





Q: How much does Apple charge to change iMac’s screen ?
A:  An average screen replacement cost in Apple store depends after you pay a service fee for diagnostics. If your initial warranty has expired and you do not have Applecare, it could be a little expensive.

Q: How do i Fix the blue screen on my iMac?

A : Whenever you see a blue screen on your iMac, start by disconnecting the power cable and any accessories that are connected to it. Now restart your device in a safe mode. The blue screen of death on your monitor could be because of hardware issues such as any hardware that is running beyond its limit, if the device is overheated, bad RAM or the main cause is Power supply issues.

Q: I see pixels popping and green dots on my iMac. What is it and is it fixable?

A: The pixels popping, green dots, lines on screen are the signs of bad graphics cards. Yes, it is fixable. The graphics card sometimes wears off eventually and stops working, so it needs to be replaced.

Q: How to remove firmware password on my iMac?

A: Turn off your device then turn it on. Hold command+R keys until you see utilities screen. click utilities, select Firmware password utility, Turn on Firmware password, set up a new password then restart.

Q: How do i Fix this spinning ball and slow computer?

A:  when the cursor turns to the spinning ball, while using any program, force quit that program pressing command+option+Esc. sometimes if that does not work,Restart your iMac. if still it gives you error message, hold power button and force shutdown.

Q: Does Mac have built in antivirus or do we need to install any antivirus?
A:  Your iMac has a built-in Antivirus. but sometimes Macs are not immune to some malwares so to secure your device even further, Antivirus can be installed.

Q: My iMac is running too slow, can it be upgraded?

A:  Yes, iMacs can be upgraded in terms of software and Hardware. The software upgrade always helps the datas to be safe as well as Hard drive upgrades helps for the same as well as it improves device’s performance.



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