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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐MacroGeeks Computer Repair Service provides all kinds of computer repair Services,PC, Laptops Desktop Apple Macs repair and maintenance needs on-site or off-site specializing in Macs/Computer upgrades, SSD Upgrades, Water Damaged Treatment, Virus Removal, Slow computers upgrades, home computer repair/ maintenance, Business Computer Repair/ maintenance, Data Recovery, PC upgrades, iMacs Repairs and services, Malware Removal, Firmware lock Removal, HDD crash, Broken parts replacements. Computer Service experts in Dallas area, Computer Repair Hub, Data Recovery, Mac computer repair, Business and Home Computer Repairs,  Computer Virus Removal Dallas ,   Certified IT Technician  469-654-3357


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Apple Mac Repairs

MacroGeeks has been providing Apple Mac Repair Services for Dallas area’s customers for over 10 years. Macro Geeks has certified and experienced technicians who are known to provide best customer service and outstanding repair services. we can assure that we have repaired almost all. From the iphone that has dived in a pool, or the iphone that has been run over by a car or any laptops or computers that were totally formatted or has been shattered. If you have shattered your iPads or iPhones and are worrying if you could even bring it back to work ever again, Don’t worry we got you!

The professionals in Macro Geeks are considered to be reliable and experienced MacBook Pro service providers  in Dallas. We have experienced Technicians, customer service Representatives who are solely devoted to provide best services in Repairing the device with recovering Datas safely, efficiently and affordably .We employ most advanced the latest data recovery tools to date.

PC Repair Services

Our Experienced Techs work with PCs and Laptop. our Professionals are expertise in diagnosing and fixing all the hardware or software problems in your device. You can also discover your device’s full potential with Professional experts support providing exclusive services in PC and Laptop repairs. Our Technicians can conveniently schedule in-house services at your convenience to repair any Hardware/ Software issues on your Laptops/PCs. We provide very efficient and reliable PC/Computer Repairs and IT Services. We also offer Upgrades and Maintenance to your devices for Business or used at homes.

Apple MacBook Pro repair Services

If your MacBook Pro’s needs any kind of repairs including Battery Replacement, Screen Replacement when screen is shattered because of being dropped or due to any unknown reason and the LCD looks like it is bleeding or the external closure or the screen is broken, no longer do you have to wait for days and weeks and be without your device while it undergoes repairs. Also no need to worry if your device is out of warranty. Our Technicians don’t really care what the situation is , We just provide you the efficient service on your computer’s screen and LCD replacement in Dallas for the best deal.

iPads/ Tablets Repair

iPads being  portable Device, we understand how important they are to you in your daily Life.That’s why we have expert Technicians to repair the iPad that needs any services including software updates, virus removal, Water damage treatment, battery replacement, charging issues or shattered screen, for any generation of iPad including the iPad Pro, the iPad Mini, and the iPad Air. From the Galaxy TabPro and the Galaxy Tab S2 to the Galaxy View and more our technicians efficiently provide you the one day repair services on these devices Hardware or Software issues like shattered screens, faulty touch sensors or the battery replacements.


 Q : Why does my iPad not hold a charge ?

A : Your iPad might not be holding charge due to various reasons. It might have a dirty charging port, your charging cable may be broken or defective, or if you are using non-Apple charging cable, try using Apple charging cable. Try Restarting your device.

Q: Can I fix the Hard drive myself ?

A: Before trying any self attempt, remember that if your datas are really important and is broken, trying to fix it yourself can permanently destroy all the datas that are saved. so, it would be better to seek professional help.

Q: How do i prevent my computer from getting corrupted or virus in it?

A: To prevent your device from getting infected is to enable virus protection on your device, you can install antivirus softwares that enables a protection on your laptops or computers.

Q: How can i upgrade my computer?

A:  You can always upgrade your computer by upgrading its Hard drive and RAM in it. you can clear up the unused programs which can help your computer really fast.

Q: I have accidently wiped my Hard Drive. can it be recovered?

A:  Wiped Hard Drive can also be recovered but that solely depends on how you have wiped the datas off of the device. If you have deleted just the files and formatted your Hard drive , your datas can still safely be retrieved but if you have used some tools and erased it completely, it is complicated.

Q: How do i know when my LCD is broken?

A: Broken LCD would look like vertical colourful lines on the screen or patch of black dots or lines of discoloration. The easiest way to rule out is when you see the pixelated screen with color lines in it and it should be repaired.


What Customers Says About Us:

Samantha Cook ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

We had two  technicians help on my computer’s viruses removal. It was my work computer and i had stuffs that were assigned to me and had to submit in certain time. After Computer techs  worked on it, it has been smooth sailing. Iwas able to submit it before time, they saved my job.


Abigail A. Thomas ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

If you have problems with your computers, bring it asap to these guys. The technician diagnosed and fixed my problem. He even explained what was happening and what should be taken care of. very satisfied customer! Highly Recommend.


Why Choose Us?

MacroGeeks has been providing Apple/ PC Repair Services for Dallas area’s customers for over 10 years. Macro Geeks has certified and experienced technicians who are known to provide best customer service and outstanding repair services. we can assure that we have recovered almost all. From the HP Laptop that has been crashed, or the Apple MacBook Pro that has shattered screen or needs any kind of upgrades or any laptops or computers that were totally formatted. If you have lost or deleted volume data, you should take our data recovery services that will help to recover your lost datas.Our Data Recovery Services Provides Options for all Hard drive Brands like: Western Digital®, Seagate®, Toshiba®, Hitachi®, San-disk®, Sony®, Kingston®, Transcend®, Samsung®, Mushkin®, Apple®, Hp®, ADATA®, Buffalo Technology®, Quantum Corporation®, Maxtor®, LaCie® and many more.


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If your device is encountering any problem, a series of diagnostics is needed to be done before attempting any repair. only after running a full diagnostics, our Technicians will be able to know the condition of your device and if it is repairable or not. Sometimes the problem might sound a bit serious but one of the most common and easily fixed issue is a lack of storage space in the device. Meanwhile sometimes the issue your device is having might look like a normal problem but it might be the faulty Logic Board which needs a prompt response. Our Tech Support team is ready to help you.


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If your devices are infected with virus, your device will be slowing down. It crashes unexpectedly. Computer programs starts on its own that you have not even started or haven’t used it and don’t recognise. HDD seems to run really fast even when not in use and you can hear the noise. The most common signs virus infected computer is getting unusual messages or pop ups, lots of ads are displaying and your security solution is disabled, you need your device to be taken care of.

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If your computer/ Laptop needs a screen replacement, needs a HDD upgrade, need to add some more memory in it or has any broken hardware that needs to be replaced, trust our professionals on repair of your device, who holds years of experience. You can just walk in or schedule an appointment with our technicians on your convenience. We are also experienced in Logic Board repairs and all other small components repairs that are not done at Apple. Either you have unfunctional USB Port, bad keyboard and trackpad cable, broken hinges, Speaker replacement, Fans Replacement, HDD’s cable replacement, we repair it all.

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The easiest and most common method of storing datas are using an external Hard drives or Local networks. These methods are convenient and efficient. But as it has pros and cons to it as well, the deceiving factor of these kinds of Backups are they fail eventually. They have malware, datas loss, or many other exactly same risk as a computer does. Therefore Cloud Backup comes to an importance where you are backing up files not in an external device, but remotely in a cloud-based server.

data recovery dallas macrogeeks


When you lose access to your important files, and somehow your computer has crashed, don’t panic. It’s important to trust the best professionals to get them back. Our experienced and professional data recovery service will provide you with the best chance of recovery. Data Recovery service is very vast. There are many reasons to lose datas off of the device. No matter the reason, your files will be recovered based on its severity.  Providing you with safe datas, economically and efficiently to an external Hard drive.


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The Technicians at Macro Geeks can remotely assist you with a variety of tasks, including simple diagnostics, help with technical support, email support, booking an appointment at your convenience if you are not able to come to the store. Our Tech Support will assist you with App installation and removal, Operating system updates, Remove caches, Protect your device from losing datas, Fix internet problems, Tune up computer, viruses and malware removal, removing errors and pop-up messages, back ups, Help with iPhone issues and freezes, Software glitches and many other issues.





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