Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series Flickering screen

We had a customer call in and asked us about screen flickering and how to usually deal with it? Keeping in mind the screen flickers for various number of reasons, we suggested the customer to bring the device in so that we could take a look at it and have a precise idea on what is going on with the device. The customer came in with the device and we took in the device for diagnostic.

Customer had to say the device had been acting up like that since a week. But once she opened and logged in it would just get going without any problems. But now it just seemed to be doing the screen flickering more often than it used to do before. Data was important to the customer as well so we had to be extra cautious while doing anything and everything.

After proper diagnostic, we came to find out that the screen would flicker while trying to open and close the top case and also when we try to push from the outer cover; around or below the Dell logo. We thought it might need an LCD replacement but we could still try to see if the LCD cable was loose or it needed a replacement.

After following all the ESD precautions, we removed the bottom case. The laptop seemed to be pretty new at that point as it did not have any dirt or debree in it. And also there were no signs of any liquid damages as well.

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